Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 56 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

HOLA, this week went by amazingly well!!!! de verdad! So Alonzo has been progressing a lot! He has really changed! Like I have said in the emails before but its so true! He has such a great desire to live correctly! Like this Saturday, he woke up and had a strong desire to drink and do drugs again, so he called us to help him, and asked if he could come with us to do visits! Isn't that awesome! He wants to change! and during the visits he actually shared his testimony with members and with investigators! he was a huge help! 
He will be baptized this coming Sunday!! 
This is Alonso on Sunday when we went to pick him up for church wearing one of my ties.
He's such a stud, I love this guy!!!
I gave The class in priesthood this Sunday, about missionary work... and it was awesome. All the members helped me by sharing experiences that they have had and the feeling that they have had in the work! And now they would like to come with us to visit! I asked them "when they could help us and go on visits with us?" Then they started to tell us the hours and days that they would like to go with us. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT LESSON!! And to think that I was a little nervous to teach, the spirit just stepped right in and helped me. (I still am a little shy)

Today I taught a group of little kids how to play football!! haha it was probably one of the hardest things i have done here on the mission ;) haha but really it was hard to explain all the rules. But in the end they understood and we played a great game of football!! Of coarse my team won;) haha but it was awesome! I love teaching this game that I love so much and miss playing so much!!!!

My companion and I rented a washing machine for 200 pesos for a week and boy did I wash EVERYTHING!!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!! I can't believe how clean my clothes are. I can't remember the last time I was able to wash my clothes in a washing machine. It made me so happy, I didn't realize that I could rent one. 

I love this work and What I am doing and seeing come to pass! The work is amazing, help and do it every moment you can! Les Amo MuchĂ­simo! cuĂ­dense.
I love you all,

Elder Horlacher!

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