Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 57 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

So Family, we had a very,very great week this week. We had a lot of meetings as missionaries and ward councils! 

 Elder Horlacher's district

But all in all we are seeing A LOT of progress, for instance, We have found some less actives and one of them is 17 years old, his name is Fernando, and he has had some addiction problems. But when he found him and first taught him, he was very, very excited to see us and had such a strong desire of wanting to be better. So we started sharing the lessons with him and his family! and we invited them to church, which they excepted but more then just excepted, they acted!!! They came to church, and the whole church services the topic was on SERVICE... and in the young men's class they asked if they would like to go on missions and he said yes and now has a bigger desire to change his life!! and that is really cool to see!! honestly!! 

Another man that I am Honestly Amazed is Alonso!! Alonso took the decision this Sunday to be Baptized, and let me just tell you a little about his story. So to start off, he was a drug addict, and one day we were walking down a new street, when we just happened to asked him, "what was the name of the street?", then we asked if we could share a message with him, when he started telling us that we arrived at a very precise moment... later he told us that he was having some very troublesome thoughts in that moment, and that when we came at that moment that was a manifestation from God, saying that "God loves him!" and that was awesome to hear.. But he had a lot of struggles and trials in his transformation. REALLY  I haven't seen a man tried as much as him, and such a strength of the testimony that he has... like a few days before his baptism a friend of his told him that he was once a member of the Church, but he said to Alonso, "I don't want to hurt you but the Mormons don't have the truth".... and that's when Alonso looked at him in the eyes and told him, "Don't worry, It didn't hurt me, I know That its true and I Am going to be baptized with them!!!"  I was amazed at the testimony that he has obtained! Then another obstacle came on the day of his baptism which was Sunday. The cable guy went to his house to put the cable in his house!! (Here in Mexico, CABLE is sooo important and they LOVE their TV, so that usually an excuse for people to brush us off) but lo and behold Alonso arrived at church!! and helped with everything prayers, testimonies, and after church was his baptism! It was great!! He has Progressed so much in the gospel! and is very willing and knowing that he has to endure to the end! He is going to be a great member and strength for others around this area.
Alonso was baptized by a member named Ramon. His mom and sister came to see the baptism, and it was a great experience! 

We also found a family to teach, they're the family Utires Ochoa! and they are a family of 4, the dad is a less active, but the wife and 2 kids aren't members! We taught them and then the next day they came to church! They only came for 2 hours, but it was great to see them there! We put a baptismal date for the 20 de December! and they all accepted! 

Jorge now has the priesthood, and actually I ordained him to the office of a Priest... he asked me if I would ordain him! He is doing really good, he is looking for a job right now, but is staying very excited about everything! 

Well HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I am very thankful for everyone of you for writing me or even just reading my emails! I truly do love you all for simply that!! I hope you all enjoy the time you have with your families because like they say,"Friends may come and go, But the Family is always there!" Truly I invite everyone to show your love for your family, not just through your words but through your actions, Serve your family.. Truly love them, like the lord truly loves you!! That is where our greatest JOYS are found, with our FAMILIES!!!  Well I'm also grateful for a Savior that was willing to pay the price of my sins. I am forever in debted to him. But like I said about our love for our family, we need to show him that we are really grateful, we need to serve and help, and Repent, Live the gospel, and Keep the commandments! Well I love you all and have a great day of turkey!! 

Elder Horlacher

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