Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 7 in Esperanza- (Transfer) Elder Ramirez

Familia y Amigos!! 

I am doing really good! this week was good. ok I'm not going to lie before this week I hadn't really found the joy in this work, only in parts. But this week I have found it! I love working, I love trying to contact people on the streets, I love being guided by the spirit even when I don't know I am being guided, it is amazing. 

Tuesday, my new comp. is from Vera Cruz Mexico, he is 20 yrs old, he has 3 younger brothers, he has 8 months in the mission, he likes to exercise in the morning!! he is a great guy and example, we get along great!! we had a mission meeting for all the missionaries in Obregon city, and it was cool, but really long, like 4 hours..... man.. kinda rough.. but after that my comp. couldn't wait to clean the house so we deep cleaned it real quick, and I mean wow, I almost couldn't recognize it after we were done haha. but after that the day was rough. We straight up walked from 3 o'clock to 8:30 with not teaching one lesson... every one we went to either wasn't there or they said, "come back tomorrow"... kinda frustrating but we contacted some people that are future investigators!! 

Wednesday we had the same thing happen as the day before... we walked a ton with no lessons. But we had one cita or planned lesson with an investigator Joshua, he read the Book of Mormon and finds it interesting, its really cool, we taught him the first lesson the restoration. He participated a ton! And to add, other kids just started coming in and listening. One kid really listened and paid attention, but he said his parents are really catholic so... idk. But it was good, the lesson was strong.

Thursday, we pretty much got contacted by a guy on the side of the street, he waved us down and said,"I want to talk about God." so..... ok, his name is Jose, he has a lot of addictions that he knows he needs to stop but wants our help. He is a really cool guy,but we talked with him for a while then left. Then we found out our lunch appointment cancelled so we had to walk to the ward mission leaders wife to get money and buy something.So that took an extra 2 hours. But we ate carne asada!! MAN it was delicious! Then we had a meeting that started at 6 with the ward mission leader but he didn't show up til 8:20... so that day was wasted... but we did get some good advice about Josh from him soo thats good!

Saturday, we tried to do the soccer activity but only one kid showed up soo.. But we contacted people in front of the church trying to give tours, we didn't get one but the other companionship's did.. but  I contacted people!! It is really fun and exhilarating (haha) ? We taught Sis. Nieves that lives by the canal and challenged her to come to church and to pray and she said straight up "not this week".... we were like "why?" but for church she already had plans for that hour of the day but for prayer she said, "I don't feel ready give me 3 weeks!" haha, we were like, "oh no, there is no bad prayer. god wants to hear from you, and tell you this is true! he wants to hear from you!" so she said she would start praying! 

Sunday we shared the "He Is The Gift."  we couldn't get the video to work so we only told about it. but we also had no one come to church which is always depressing.

Monday,I went to Guaymas again, it was a good time I ate a whole pizza by myself, but its great talking to my MTC buddies man I do love them! 

Spiritual: we went to Jose's house and he wasn't there and I asked my comp. now what? and he said "i dont know let the spirit guide." i just thought ok well... so we started walking and taking a weird streets to our next appointment, when we hear, "hey..." and what do you know its Jose!!! haha I was like wow! That is amazing. He watches construction stuff at night so.. haha but I've had a lot of testimony building experiences! man I love this gospel! but also I challenge everyone to watch and share the "He Is The Gift" video! It is amazing, so powerful!

I love you all, thanks for everything
Love Elder Horlacher
 Trevor came upon this poor sick dog and it broke his heart.
He was very upset about this poor dog.
 Trevor and his friends would always punch each other as a term of endearment.
Well it has followed him into the mission field with his companion.
Here is his trophy on his companions arm.
I can't believe his companion is smiling!!
 Trevor broke out his first sweater!!!
 He rearranged his room, he brought the desk into his room.
He loves rearranging furniture.
 He built himself a closet with the clothesline that I sent with him.

 He thought of Cambria when he saw this tree. He thought she might like it!
 He and his new companion totally cleaned house!!!
 His kitchen doesn't have a sink or oven or stove, so this table takes care of everything.
 I'm sure the Tres' Leche cake is Trevor's and the huge thing of hotdogs.
Check out all of the ketchup on the door.
He cracks me up!!!
 This is where he washes his clothes.
 Elder Horlacher with his new companion, Elder Ramirez

 He's so excited about the new pictures that he added to his planner.
 "He Is The Gift" Pass Along Cards

 Elder Horlacher has another feature on his camera that he can combine two faces,
so he decided to combine his and his companions faces. 
I guess he needs to do something to relieve his stress!!!

 Elder Horlacher and Elder Ramirez, his new companion

 Elder Horlacher's package arrived!!!
I am so glad to see such a huge smile on that handsome face of his.
I think he's a little excited to get something from home!!

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