Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 9 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez


So this week was pretty much, great. we started off by teaching our investigator that came to church (Lourdes), and her husband. it went pretty good but it went really long and i could see the husbands face get bored and zone out, kinda what I do when I don't understand Spanish.. but ya the lesson went great! and we taught and found alot of new people. 

On Wednesday we had a meeting for all the district leaders in the mission... which is only like 15, after that we had intercambios with the assistants!! haha I was kinda freaking out, not going to lie, but it went really good! Elder Orton is his name, and he is from Panguitch, and is a really active hard working elder! He taught me some good lessons! I love being taught by incredible missionaries,but we taught almost everyone we contacted haha i was really surprised! and wow did we contact people on the streets!

but after that on saturday it was time for tours and we were putting all in this time!! we got the TV at the church ready to show "He is the Gift" I love this video, we bought limes and made limonada, put on our santa hats on & made signs! so right off the bat we contacted a guy that was walking his bike and offered him some limonada, and he accepted and then we offered a tour and it took some persuading but he took it! right off the bat!! We had 3 tours in one day!! as a district we gave 7 tours!! man.. thats a record for me since I've been here haha. 

After the tours for lunch a member brought us pizza and one of the elders challenged me to eat a piece of his pieces in one bite (and I was really hungry because 4 elders, 2 pizzas i only get 4 pieces...) so of coarse I took the challenge haha. and i did it so easily!! man i was like give me another haha :) These elders have no idea that when it comes to a food challenge I don't turn it down!!! I'm pretty sure that I'm up to 220lbs now, but it's ALL GOOD WEIGHT!!! I'm lifting and walking and finally bulking up.

Sunday is game time for missionaries, to see if what you've taught has had an affect on the people you are teaching! and if they don't come to church then they can't get baptized.. And Lourdes Came Again!!!! It's her 2nd time all we need is 2 more then she can be baptized!! well we need 5 times but we are going to ask president if we can baptize her in December. and the other investigator we invited didn't show up or wasn't home. we went to his house before church to help him come but he wasn't there, we were standing in front yelling "buenas dias" for 20 minutes haha we were almost late for the sacrament, but lucky time here is a little slow, kinda like Polynesians ;) haha but yes I love this work and time is starting to take off! I have 3 weeks done with Elder Ramirez!! crazy crazy. 

Hope all is going good for christmas, but just remember for real, its not about the presents which are nice, but The most valuable present we were ever given is Jesus Christ from our heavenly father, Jesus gave us the atonement which is the only way we can return to live with our heavenly father, and be together for ever as families!! so lets use the atonement everyday!! and we can feel gods love for us! "Äccept the Gift".

Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher with Elder Arroyas on Intercambios
 Elder Horlacher LOVES the Sunsets there in Mexico!!
He sent me so many pictures of sunsets and tells me to 
please NOT delete ANY of them and make a folder
of just his sunsets. haha
 This is his FIRST ride in a car since being in Mexico.
They are coming home from church with their investigator in his car.
 Elder H sent me this picture and it said, "WORST DAY EVER!" Mom, you know that we have to wash our dishes in the shower because we don't have a sink, well I dropped my ONLY spoon in the toilet while washing my dishes!!!
AND No that's my companions toothbrush!
My son, knows exactly his mama's thinking.
 I asked him to send me a picture of where he put his 
Christmas Tree, in the front room.

 Elder Horlacher loves animals so they are teaching
goats the gospel!!

 Here they are getting ready for their church tours.
 All festive and ready to give tours.

 Elder Horlacher made rice, with hot dogs and pineapple.
NOT QUITE spam and pineapple with brown sugar, but it
will do.
 More beautiful sunsets!!

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