Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 8 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez


Well this week was AMAZING, we started off by teaching Jose (who is a borracho (drunker) and he really wants to change his life but needs a lot of help. So we visit him every day and talk and teach him a little something. And I think I have found my 3rd set of grandparents! haha They are the nicest little 85 year olds I've ever seen, they are investigators but they don't progress because they don't come to church, because they have their kids over.. so its hard to try to have them progress.  But they are so nice every time we visit they give us fruit, water, hot chocolate! They're awesome! but we found so many people that need help, with trying to quit drinking, haha IT'S CRAZY!!! They just pop out of no where haha but its cool, we have 3 or 4 investigators because of it. 

On Sunday I had my first investigator come to church!!!! We invited 6 and had 6 say yes we are coming, but only one did!! but man it was so powerful! Even tho I was sitting watching this one kid distract the whole congregation, with his brother running after him over and over and over again! I'll be honest I didn't feel the spirit..because I was concentrating on this kid.  I was kinda getting mad at the parents, just wanted to tell them, "take him out!!" but when I looked over at Lourdes (the investigator) and she had tears running down her face and all, it hit me... the spirit was testifying to her that this church is true, and she can feel the spirit!  That is all that really matters.. but still that kid needs to be controlled! ( I need dad, and his calling "Brother Discipline" haha ;) but she stayed for all the meetings, then I asked her if she would come the next week and she said yes! haha man i am so happy to see an investigator progress!! And to make it better she came to the Christmas devotional that same night!! She's such a great person! 

But this week was awesome, we taught a lot of lessons, contacted a lot of people, we have a lot of new investigators!! This work is tiring but is truly amazing, this is true happiness! Eternal happiness! I am grateful for all my examples in my life from my home ward, to my best friends, to my friends in school, to my family and cousins, to pretty much everyone I know!! I love you so much! Thanks for helping me, GET to go on a mission! I truly am grateful for all of you!
I love you,
Elder Horlacher
Elder Horlacher got his hands on a football and weights!!!
He is so excited!!!
I sent him a Hastening The Work Calendar and he wanted to show me that
he was already using his calender that way.

Elder Horlacher made himself his own Cocoa Rice and Rice, Sugar and Milk. He said that it was pretty good!!!
Elder Horlacher Being cheesey!!
HOORAY he was so excited to open his package and find all of his Christmas decorations.
He absolutely LOVED the Christmas Tree and Ornaments with all of his decorations.
He said that he set it up in the front room so it felt like home.
They turn on their Christmas Lights as soon as they get home and enjoy the feeling they bring.
He LOVED his Christmas Tie and LOVED the Santa Hat.
He said that the Santa Hat was a total Morale BOOSTER!!!
Elder Horlacher and his mission president.
He said that the mission president came over to check their house and
Trevor gave him his Christmas Present early. 
His mission president was very excited about the Kakui Nut Lei.
Trevor took with him his "Grandpa Lei"
This was taken in their room, that is the companions side of the room

Elder Horlacher & Elder Ramirez with their lei's on!!!
I see Trevor's bed now, I didn't understand when he said that they took this picture
in their room, because the bedding didn't look like Trevor's or suitcases.
He really LOVES his new companion, but misses Elder Islas.
That's the mission life!!!
They are helping their Barrocho Investigator by dumping his whiskey.
I think they are having too much fun doing it!!

Elder Horlacher was excited for new BOM's

Enjoying Doggos (Hot Dogs)

Elder Horlacher's companion took this picture of him and sent it to me.
Not sure when or where or why???
He's exhausted!!!

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