Monday, December 29, 2014

Skyping with Elder Horlacher

 Christmas Eve Bryan received a phone call from Trevor and he was letting us know that they can't find a webcam to use anywhere in Esperanza. None of the members have any or the Cybers don't have one. It looks like they will have to go to WalMart and buy one and try to set it up.
He was calling to see if it was OK for him to buy it with his card.  He emailed us and told us about 2 hours later that he thinks its set up and if we could skype for a little while right then.
 It worked!!! We were so excited to see him. Some of these pictures were what he took with his camera and the ones that we took with ours. 
 This was all of us talking to Elder Horlacher.
We just loved seeing his face and interacting with him.
 He was so cute and such a crack up!!!
  When we SKYPED Elder Horlacher on Christmas Eve we ended with a prayer and he offered it. To watch him kneel in front of the computer screen and bow his head and start to pray, the spirit was so strong. His prayers have changed so much from when he was at home. They were so specific in everything he was praying for. Then when he asked to BLESS his family, he broke down and then asked him to please HELP HIM BE THE BEST MISSIONARY and to help him conquer the language. 
 Him saying good bye to us, with his companion coming into the office.
All of the elders were excited that Trevor got it all set up for them to use on Christmas Day.

Some of the things he shared with us while we were skyping:

The coolest thing is to watch the investigators eyes light up when I'm baring my testimony or teaching a principle and they feel the spirit. There is nothing more beautiful than to feel the spirit testify to them. It's such an amazing feeling, it's pure happiness to watch the gospel light touch their lives. 

Any suggestions for us as members of the church:
Pursue people who are not members or inactives, show your friendship with them by showing Christ's love through you. Really~ the church is a pivetting point with changing people's lives. It's where you can feel God's love for us so strong in the meetings. I noticed that for me as a member that I have taken it for granted, in feeling the spirit at church, but to watch these investigators come and feel the spirit ,  that's when it hits me that I need to realize and not take it for granted, because it's so awesome. But I encourage you to get people to come to church with you. We need the members help in finding these people.

BE HAPPY, the church brings happiness, there is NO REASON why we should be sad, we have all of the answers here in the gospel. We have people hear in Mexico that ask us missionaries all of the time, "Why are you so happy, when you walk so much and it's so hot?" We LAUGH & just tell them it's the gospel of Jesus Christ and we know it's true we can be with our FAMILIES FOREVER and we can show you how to be happy. Tell my ward family that I LOVE THEM and appreciate their prayers and keep praying for us missionaries, because~we need it. 

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