Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 5 in the MTC-Elder Walker

Hola todos personas! como estan? 
Im doing great here in the MTC!! Its been a pretty jam packed week full of spiritual experiences! So to start off we got our flight plans this week!!!That was pretty exciting! We fly out of SLC at 7am, to Houston, Texas. In Houston we have a 1 hour layover, then fly to Mexico City, in MC we have a 4 hour layover.... that ought to be fun trying to talk to people and find out where we need to go! then from MC we fly back up to Obregon! we'll arrive around 7pm. so nothing too bad but still a good travel:) 
Next thing that happened is General Conference! Can I just say WOW!!!... General conference was amazing here in the MTC. I feel like every talk could apply to us missionaries! I know there was some talks about parenting but still it makes me appreciative of my parents and how I want to be great a parent too! haha I loved hearing from all the apostles and our prophet! but also with the conference we had a devotional that sunday night as well. the speaker was a tongan that played for BYU when they won the national championship and then went and played pro! I think his name was Vai something? I cant remember because he told us not to take notes haha but he mostly shared experiences of him sharing the gospel with people.. it was so cool because not all of them were a success, but he still tried! so what I learned from him is to ALWAYS speak to people, and be PROUD of being a member of this gospel, I want to challenge all of you to talk to a non member or just a random person about the gospel. Just talk to them then see what you can talk about to bring the gospel into play with them, whether it be families, plan of salvation, another testament of jesus christ( book of mormon) haha just introduce them to the knowledge of our church. it will bless your life tremendously.

Next is my comp. has been pretty sick lately so yesterday we were talking with our teacher and he told him to get a blessing. So he asked me if I would be willing.. and I said ABSOLUTELY! even tho inside I was pretty scared.. but when it came to it we gathered in a back room. then it ended up that i annointed the oil and Elder Funk gave the blessing. It was so amazing experience feeling the power that we had, its like I felt it go through my body to my hands into Elder Walker! it was so amazing I almost started crying but I held it in haha then in the temple today i felt so much love.. its amazing. its sad to think that im not going to go through the temple for another two years... but its all good! i'll be bringing people to the temple! even better!  

Well I just want you all to know how grateful I am for all of you and the role you've played in my life! I love all of you! stay close to the spirit, and repent daily! Enjoy this gospel and God will bless you, he wants to bless you, he loves you so much! 

Love, Elder Horlacher
 Elder Hill that I played against for years in Soccer,
he played for Cedar.
 Elder Draper who I played football and soccer with when 
I was a child
 Elder Chase Jenkins one of my closest friends from high school,
he left yesterday for Argentina.

 Elder Thor Katoa, we GO WAY BACK, from 3 years old.
We've played against each other in football for years.
So excited to be on the same team right now, The Lord's Team!!!
 Coach Puriri's (My Rugby Coach) Nephew
Watching General Conference in the MTC!!!

 Eating in the cafeteria with my district
 Just a funny picture that makes my day when I walk by it in the halls of the MTC.
 Elder Lorenco, I love this little guy, he left yesterday!!!
 I played against this guy in the Rugby Championship game, #12 from East. 
He totally came up to me and remembered me from the game.
He's serving in Bakersfield, Spanish speaking
oo look at the thing i found in the trash!! it was so awesome I kept it haha!!! I hope one day!!!!

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