Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Letter From Mexico!!

Hola! Well its been a crazy few days but i have finally made it to mexico! So to start off i woke up at 2:30 am to take a shower and get ready to leave at 3 30, when im coming back from my shower i hear the door shut and no body was in there so all of us were locked out with no keys and no clothes, just our towels.... ahh man i was kinda mad again because it was the same elder that made me mad before!! haha but all is well an other elder ran back and got a key for us from the main desk. Then our plan took off for houston and when we got to houston it was a down pore! like there was a inch of water! and i had no idea that houston was so green i thought it was all desert haha tell you what i know about the world! but since it was raining so hard our flight got delayed 4 hours.... so because of the delay we missed our connecting flight to obregon. so we had to stay the night in mexico city! which was pretty cool. when we got to mexico city we stayed into the airport for 5 hours waiting and getting our boarding passes for the next day! and my first meal in mexico was.... Subway haha it was pretty good not the same but still good! Then from the air port we drove to the temple, but let me tell you the drivers in mexico city are the craziest ive seen haha our driver was just saying ooo muy loco policia but then he peels out and gets up to 80mph and weaving in between cars haha i couldn't stop laughing!! that was a happy but very scary moment haha 
so we stayed the night in some dorms on the temple grounds. and so now its tuesday and we have til 6pm when our flight leaves to obregon. so we went through the visitors center because the temple is closed for renovation... so kinda sad but it was still way awesome, the temple is so beautifu! man and my first mexican food was this crescent role packed with potatoes and spicy peppers ( so i struggled eating that haha) but there was this other one that had pineapples, ham and cheese so that was muy bueno! i liked that one alot! and the orange soda is very good here also! 

now in the airport to obregon we are about to board onto the plane when we realize that we are missing a elder!!! Elder Vargason was left behind in mexico city! i don't think he was able to get through security for some reason.... but i don't know what happened to him still.... so that was kinda scary... but we made it to Obregon at 7:30pm and the first thing i saw when i got out of the terminal is army man... or policia.. i was kinda scared haha at first but esta bien..we got to stay the night in a best western called san jorge so i felt right at home haha but the room was very nice, like the best i've had so far on my mission ANd the Breakfast i got to eat at the hotel was just fruit and toast but there was one fruit that i ate that literally to me it tasted like dog poop( you know when you run over fresh dog poop with a lawn mower? that is what is tasted like!!!  O my i was gagging on the second one haha ) but  then i got to meet my mission president and his wife! they are sooo cool and nice! they barely speak english but nobody speaks english here sooo...  but they are very nice. and he told me im the tallest missionary in the mission at 6 3.

One thing i've learned so far of the culture here is when you hand shake the president you hand shake then hug on the left shoulder then hand shake again... haha i dont know why but it is the way it is! then today i got to meet my new companion! he is pretty tall for a hispanic, around 5 9.  and he likes to play video games, sports. He is way cool i love him already! Today for my first day in the field we got to our area which is in Obregon but its on the out skirts, it is a town called esperanza? Its a pretty poor place but i love it already haha its soo cool to see the people and the houses and how small they are and how little they have.. i almost feel like i belong here... haha but i havent had a full day out in the heat so i guess we will see how i handle thattomorrow!! haha and the bugs here man, they nats and mosquitoes just dont stop flying in our faces! i keep swatting and swatting but then i look over at my companion and the investigator and they are just taking it with a here and there swat! i was just thinking how on earth are you not feeling them in your eyes and ears and face!! man haha but all is well here in Obregon! i Love the work so far but ill send pictures of my house and the town next time!! 

Spiritual moment of this few days is got to be talking with my mission president! he is so spiritually strong and i could just feel the spirit so strongly when he was speaking to me in spanish even tho i couldnt under stand the spirit was comforting my and testifying to me! 

so i love all of you gracias por todo ustedes tienen done para mi! te ama mucho!

Love, Elder Horlacher 

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