Tuesday, October 21, 2014

1st Week-Esperanza-Elder Islas

Hello everyone, ( i only can speak or write English very little so...)
This last week has been awesome!! But also very exhausting, we walk probably 2 hours straight a day in the 100 degrees heat! haha its so fun! but to start off the 1st day we went and talked with some memebers and investigators and of course I had no clue what was going on, haha but its all good! Then I get to the apartment and see that its dirty and the bathroom is just a mess, haha kinda gross, but still a thrill being in mexico!! So the next day we go to members and investigators but I don't know what is what, or who is who because the Spanish is so different here! but every morning me and my comp practice teaching each other the lesson we will be teaching and when I was done teaching he told me that the spirit was very strong during my testimony and the lesson, so that just told me something I already knew but brought it back into mind. That I have the most valuable player on my team, but I can't see him and he can't be there unless I'm playing correctly on my side. The spirit is what converts people not me, so that was a big deal for me. Friday is when I actually participated in a lesson besides giving a prayer or telling them where I'm from.... haha but my comp was teaching then when it came to teaching about Joseph Smith he looked at me and said, "your turn" and I just looked shocked haha but then I just started teaching about Joseph Smith and then shared the first vision and then we challenged them to come to church!  But when Sunday came around they were no where to be found soo... sad day... I really felt bad, it was a weird feeling for me at that time but ya..

The buses here are crazy, so ghetto compared to Americas! haha but we hardly use the bus so we walk everywhere probably walk at least 8 miles a day haha but on sunday we walked like 1 hour to go give this women that has dunghi? its from mosquitos, that was cool, i played with a little kid for the first time haha that was good, i played soccer with some mexicans.....  we womped on them haha no competition... haha jk they beat us once but only once...  I am trying spicy food or hot sauce haha trying to adapt here,,,, maybe one day i will be able to handle it haha

Our investigators right now are marco, marco and conception, rafeal and leonarda, rita, joshua, we have alot of investigators, but we are really progressing with rafeal and leonarda, they are in a really poor situation, they're house is very very humble, no lights, no food, no air conditioning, we are trying to help them with the gospel... but i don't know ... so if you all could help and pray for them that would help a lot. 

My espanol is coming slowly but i can see progress and my comp is awesome and I like it here, I love all of you a lot thanks for all your prayers and love, I feel it every day!! sorry about this letter... I love all of you so much!!
Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher's District
 Just random pictures of Mexico

 The inside of the buses
 They have a Wal-Mart
 Trevor said, "Only 1 week walking the dirt streets of Mexico and my shoes are thrashed!!"
I told him to start Tip Toeing the streets of Mexico.
Typical Missionary Meal
El Polo Loco Chicken and Tortillas and COKE!!

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