Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Birthday Present From Elder Horlacher

Today was my birthday, but it was also the funeral of the little girl from our neighborhood, Natalie Petersen. So it was a pretty sad day. But deep in my heart all I wanted was to hear from my missionary. I knew that it would be far fetched, considering I just heard from him on Wednesday and I will hear from him on his Pday on Monday. So it was just a wish. Well during the funeral my phone buzzed and I looked and there was an email that said, "Trevor Horlacher sent pictures" I opened the email and was sooooo excited. Soo many pictures, but no letter or captions, but I get to see pictures of my missionary. I was so excited. So here they are:
 These are some of the last pictures that he took in the MTC.

 Trevor said that this picture reminds him of Him and I.
Yes I bawled when I read that!!!
 His shoes are falling apart already and he's not even in Mexico!!!

 His room in the MTC Main.
He had been in the West MTC for the last 5 weeks and moved to the Main one
5 days before he leaves for Mexico. A lot different from what he was use to.
He had his own room in the West MTC and now he's sharing with 8 missionaries.

 On the plane leaving SLC on their way to Texas!

 Decending into Texas and all of the missionaries calling home!!

 I sent Trevor a phone so he was able to talk to us for a while.

 Decending into Mexico City, Mexico

 He's happy he's in Mexico - this picture is 12 hours apart, he got a bit on his first night in Mexico.

 Mexico City Temple and Visitors Center

 Elder Horlacher's traveling group, 1 Hermana and 7 Elders

 Meeting his Mission President

 Pictures of his apartment - Home Sweet Home

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