Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 2-Esperanza-Elder Islas

HOLA Familia,

So this week has been good, but really HOT... haha This week we haven't been keeping up to our set standards so we did a district fast, and I saw the blessings of that, the day of!! EVERY  investigator or members house we went to had some friends or family over that we ended up teaching and getting their info, and setting up appointments for this week! So i'm really excited for that! and this saturday i got to witness my first babtism here! it was way cool, but alot of work goes into getting the font and church clean for the babtism haha we got notice of the babtism at 3 30 that saturday and started cleaning and getting everything ready for 3 hours, it was so great. 

Also we tried giving tours of the church and give free limonade to people passing the church with some lessons but the people just werent taking the bait haha ;) we only gave 2 tours and gave out alot of pamphlets, and were left with 5 gallons of limonade.... haha 

I got to play soccer today, it was really a lot of fun but it gets so hot... wow we were playing as sponges, drenched in sweat haha and we are going to carve pumpkins for Halloween as a district so that should be fun.

But I LOVE IT OUT HERE, the work is hot, hard on the feet, hard on the mind (Spanish....) but all in all REALLY KINDA FUN and EXCITING! the spanish is coming slowly... haha but i see improvement everyday! I finished the Book of Mormon this week and man it is the most true thing in this world haha like it made me love reading which is really hard haha I got one of the most amazing comforting, warming feeling reading Moroni 10:3-5, i know for a fact this gospel is true, that Jose Smith is a true prophet of god, yo se que eso el libro de mormon es palabras de dios, y eso dios nuestro amoroso padre celestial ama me y ustedes mucho, yo puedo sentir su ama para me cada dia! God works in mysterious ways so work to know him! i love all of you and hope you know that! perdon me espanol testimonio jaja ;) 

Love, Elder Horlacher

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