Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 3 in Esperanza-Elder Islas

Hola!! sorry for the day delay... i went to get my visa finalized in a town far away...

So this week has been a strange week, it felt slow but went sooo fast at the same time?? haha So Tuesday we walked and had no success, just walked, knocked, and no answer for the two days Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Wednesday night we started teaching Joshua, who is 12 and has a baptism date, so it was going all good, we even got his younger brothers and sisters to calm down and all was good, we felt the spirit, then his parents came home and all changed. He immediately went in side, so that ended in a kinda bad way... but his parents are catholic soo... ya Tuesday and Wednesday were rough. But I knew that Thursday had to be better!!  So we met with the ward mission leader to try to get the ward more involved. Then we went and met with his family, then taught another investigator who tells us she feels the spirit with us but always has so many questions... like about prophets and certain stuff... she knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God but doesn't act on it... and I can't help in the lessons much cause I hardly understand.. but it goes good I think haha, but from there we went to teach Rafeal and Leonarda, we taught about commandments and they committed to keep the law of chasity and W.o.W then to top it off we've committed them to come to church... 

Friday we went to Obregon to go to our zone conference, I got to meet our zone for the first time, they are really cool, fun, great missionaries, great examples. But from there I started my first inter cambio. I was comps. with Elder Arronez for a day, it was pretty great, he's from Peru, and only has 2 months left on his mission.  He taught me a lot. Then I went and slept on the hardest bed I have ever slept on... haha (no joke! holy cow.. I had back problems the next day:) haha but also that night I ate two doggos (hot dogs) from a stand on the street and I think that they gave me my first stomach problems here in Mexico... haha

Saturday I got to see how another district does their tours for the church. They make hand made limonada, then they have signs and stand on the street and yell at cars and people "Limonada Gratis, es gratis" haha  It works! They have a lot more tours then we do... but they are in the city and have a lot more traffic... but I really like their district, they actually made me feel comfortable to yell that at cars and stuff... I was surprised:). It help me a lot.. Then Saturday night we went to a cemetery to teach people about the plan of salvation on the Day of the Dead(dia de muerte). My first thought was, "there is no way this is going to work"... but the people were TOTALLY responsive and liked the message!! It was soo cool, I got to try contacting... haha , quite hard for me right now... but I would always teach a little then bare my testimony about the Plan of salvation and how I have a Grandpa that is passed away but I know I will see him again and how they can see their loved ones too! It was a great experience, the spirit was really strong! I was really nervous at first but then after the first one, know that grandpa helped me and comforted my nerves. 

Sunday - I bore my testimony in sacrament , then all the other missionaries followed me haha funny. But man I had my wobbly knees again,  haha it was really frightening being in front of Spanish speakers bearing my testimony in Spanish haha but it was great! 

Monday - I went to Guaymas for my Visa. But I woke up at 3:00am to get ready, took the bus to Obregon, waited in the bus station for an hour. I got to meet up with my MTC district!! HOORAY!! Drove to Guaymas, saw the California gulf, ate Little Ceasers, doughnuts, then I got back to Esperanza at 6 and we had a family home evening with a family. So that's why I didn't write yesterday. But every one in my old district is great, they are loving it. and even better I bought a tres leches cake!!!! I ate half of it that night haha IT'S SOO GOOD! man it was pretty expensive tho... 100 pesos haha worth it... (ONLY 8 dollars in us).. 

But I love all of you! I miss you all every day!! I am having a good time, time is starting to speed up.. haha already has been 3 weeks in the field! WHAT, Almost a month!!! haha 

LOve Elder Horlacher

 Mutual Night with the youth in Esperanza
and playing basketball for mutual
 The creepiest ice cream truck in Mexico
 Zone Conference
 Trevor telling Sydnee, "Happy Birthday & I love you!!!"

 Trevor's Companion for the day, Elder Arronez during zone conference

 The Flower Market for the DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION
 Trevor's companion asleep on the chairs
 The Gulf of California
 Traveling with some of the missionaries to fix their visas.
 Reunited with the elders that he was with in the MTC.
 Trevor saw our car and was missing us!!
 Trevor LOVES Tres Leche Cake
 He was soooo excited to eat this cake!!!

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