Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 5 in Esperanza-Elder Islas

hola familia....

este semana not much has happened but ill try to explain it the best i can....
First thing we went and knocked on doors of some investigators.. no answers so we contacted a guy... not much happened with him. but we then went and invited a less active member family to church and they excepted and said they would come. oooo and also while we were teaching they gave us some water that... o my the cups had brown stuff on it and the ice in the water had yellow floaties in it.... and when it melted aww man i did not want to drink the water anymore but i didn't want to offend so i just looked up and chugged it.... wow!!! haha that was rough :) haha but then she asked if i wanted more i was just like NOOO  I'm good thanks tho... (but in Spanish more or less). but next we taught a women that lives by the canal and she liked what we were teaching but her grand kids were just so crazy and distracting... the lesson took awhile to feel the spirit but when we did feel it we jumped on it and asked if she would be baptized and she said yes ( of coarse when you feel the spirit that strong who could say no:) and plus it takes a lot for a Mexican here to say no... man kinda frustrating at times get our hopes up for no show or don't keep their commitments.. but the women that lives by the canal said she will come to church this week... so help pray that she will come. this is the biggest struggle here on the mission is getting them to come to church, because if they don't come to church then no baptism... but her baptism date we set for her is December 3rd, so hopefully she keeps her commitments and comes to church then she´ll get baptized that day!! 

But also we went by Rafeal´s house ( lately they have been avoiding us.. ) but this time they were outside in front sitting so no way they could get out of this time.. but we asked if they like us teaching them, and how they feel when we are teaching.. they said good, and i know they feel the spirit while we are there.. and they really could use the gospel in there lives.. but we taught them the importance of coming to church and they excepted and said they'll come.

Also this little carnival rides thing came in town... man they look so sketchy!! but soo fun at the same time! I wish I could try them out! they have the one that does the full circle ( but remember they are all miniature compared to america) , a rollercoaster, a farris wheel? Foosball tables... we played Foosball today and man OH man that was so fun! i haven't had fun playing Foosball before I'll be honest but that was so fun! we spent like 30 pesos playing haha..

But Sunday came around and its time to see if investigators are coming to church... and we waited and waited and nobody... really kinda heart breaking.. but i don't know i feel this next week will be better. ooo and this next week is my first cambios (transfers) here in mexico.. so we´ll see if i get a new comp or not.. 

I love you all so much! thanks for all! everything! todo! en verdad! gracias! Mucho amor para ustedes. 

Love, Elder Horlacher

While we were online together these were a few things that he shared with me:
I asked: Did you get a blanket? Yes mom it took me a while to find one that would cover my body. The lady helping me said that I was TOO BIG!!! haha It cost me 127. I FREAKED OUT and said, "$127.00 for a blanket?" He sent back, "HAHA sorry to freak you out but I know you've missed it, but WHO freaks you out now that I'm gone? NO mom its 127 pesos, that's like $10.00"
I asked him: Have you seen any cartel?  i saw my first weed ever on the bus last Sunday!!! i was so shocked! i wanted to take a picture but i didn't want to get shot... so i decided not to  haha
I asked: How is the language coming?  Mom I'm doing good! a little rough at times... when people tell me they don't understand me,, that's just a heart breaker you know... i'm trying my best and its just a punch in the throat..

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