Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 70 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Salomon

So this week was a very busy week!! We were planning all week on the baptism of Domingo.. but this week we were preparing him for his baptism.. but I'm going to tell this story from the beginning. So we were planning an activity as missionaries for our ward and it turned out that it was only us missionaries in charge of it... haha it was pretty crazy.. but we had about 20 people come to our activity and what we did was do some games like bowling with my rugby ball, water balloon toss, and sack races... it was pretty fun, it was to show to the members and investigators how fun the church can be and how important it is to work in teams!

So after we were over whelmed and giving them nachos... we asked the bishop when we could have the baptismal services for Domingo (it was Saturday night!) when he asked me "if they have been married", so I told him "no". So he told me that he feels that we should wait to baptize him until they are married, so that they don't get condemned if they move in together... I was like "but, but ,but..." I didn't know what to say, but it made sense...  Then bishop said that we should ask our leaders and see what they think also. So I called President Munive our mission president and he confirmed the notion... which is to wait to baptize him... so at 7 Saturday night we went and explained the situation with Domingo and told him that he wasn't going to be baptized the next day, but until after they get married. he looked really sad and frustrated, because he was really excited to get baptized! We explained that God has his reasons why this is happening like this and that one of them is to strengthen their family! That they can enter in the temple in a year and be sealed for time and all eternity! He really liked that and found comfort.

On Sunday we had 5 investigators in church!! Domingo, and The Garcia Familia!! It was soooo cool, they all loved it and really felt loved by the members!  Also I gave Javier the Priesthood last week and he blessed the sacrament for the first time and did a great job! and Manuel passed the sacrament for the first time!!! I felt like a proud parent, it was great! To see them in white shirts and ties for the first time!! Such a great Sunday!! 

NEWS OF THE DISTRICT.. every companionship in my district are going to baptize this week!! wahoo! this was one good week! 

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Horlacher
 I got to go on Intercambios with Elder Yoo!!!

 We found a KFC and got to eat American Food!!!

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