Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 69 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Salomon

NO LETTER THIS WEEK!!! I told Elder Horlacher that I didn't get a letter from him and he said that he sent it, but he found out that they were having problems with So on Monday, 2/22/16 he went back to his sent emails and resent it to me from the Monday before:

Hey everyone, this week went very good for us, or a lot better then the weeks before. We taught The family Garcia, and they are really liking everything we are teaching them! They are progressing a lot!! The mom, Maricela, is only having a little bit of troubles understanding prophets and apostles, and Joseph Smith, but she likes everything and feels good about it all!! We are trying to help her to understand everything. Her 3 daughters are learning a lot, especially one, her name is Lucia, she is 17 and really has a lot of interest and really likes the church. So when we invited them to church they said that they would go alone, so we took their word and we decided to send them text that morning to remind them, and they responded and said, "they will be there!" So when Sunday arrives we are there waiting and time starts passing and they still haven't come... so we just thought that they weren't going to come... and we started giving our talks (because we always give talks as missionaries every 2nd Sunday of every month!) and while I was giving my talk when I see Lucia walk in! I was so happy and excited! but it turns out that it was only her that came! All the rest of them slept in...  But the point is, is that she came alone!! and she told us after the meeting that she loved it and that she is going to go to the mutual and activity Saturday!! We are going to have a FHE tonight with them! 

 We are also still teaching Domingo, and he is really progressing, he is loving the gospel and the way it is changing his family. He see's his son very very happy and I think it surprises him, how the gospel can do that to a family. He is preparing to be baptized either this Sunday or next Saturday! so we are planning on that. 

As a district we all had 2 investigators in the church!! We are progressing as a district!! and we are all planning on baptizing this month again!! It's so awesome to see the success of our efforts as missionaries and as a district.

But I just want to say that I love you all and "Chung" buddy. I hope you all had a great Valentines day and here's all my love for you all! 😘

Elder Horlacher

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