Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 26 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Hernandez

So this week.

This week was pretty eventful.  Wednesday was the first time I rode a bike in the mission! I was so excited to ride a bike!! but like the first 5 minutes I realized that this bike wasn't one of Navy's bikes, it wasn't a nice bike nor was it a comfortable bike. The seat would move up and down, the crank was bent, the seat was broken plastic! haha fun day.By the end of the day my butt was bruised from all the pot holes in the dirt road, and i was drenched in sweat! I would just hear dad's voice telling the story of him riding bikes in his mission in Australia and how he would sweat and the members would have a towel waiting for him!! haha 

This week we taught Jose (the 80 year old man) and WOW! how he is ready for this gospel! he knows a lot already, he asked us if we believed in spirits. And we said yes, so he told us that he believes there is a place where the spirits go to rest! and we just smiled and told him that he is going to love everything we have to teach him! he is so cool! I can honestly say, for the first time, that I want to go and talk to him, I want to listen to him talk about his life. I feel a special bond with him! He is a Friend.

This week the old lady that I bore my testimony about grandpa to last week, her husband died on Thursday morning, the day after I gave him a blessing and I just blessed him with the comfort he needed to go and told him that he can protect his family from the other side.  We helped a lot with his funeral, my companion gave a talk and after we had everyone wait outside while we changed him into his temple clothes and garments. My comp, President Ticona (of the branch) , and I changed him! They do things a little different here in Mexico. They don't embalm and they change him after the services. That was quite an experience for me, I've never done anything like that before. But it was really spiritual. 

This week was good we found a lot of new investigators from families of less actives.There are many members that have people in their family that aren't members!! So that's good work for us to do! Well I LOVE YOU ALL! and I just want you all to show your love for your friends and family, people you don't know, because we never know what's going on in their lives, we could be helpful without even knowing it. Or even we don't know how long we have here in this life! Show your love, there is no better time then now! LOVE You all!

Elder Horlacher

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