Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 27 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Hernandez

This week has been good. We started off by getting bikes for us. Those bikes before were just bikes we borrowed. So we went and found some bikes that some members had that we could fix up and have for ourselves! And we found 1, and when we went to get it fixed at the shop... wow I was really frustrated haha I mean I knew how to fix it better then the 2 teenagers that were trying to fix it!! I was just thinking, they'll learn from their failures haha, because dang it it took them like 1 hour to replace the tire tubes! but all is well! we went to Las Guayabas again on the bikes and taught a lot of less actives! which was good. we are going to be going their a lot more because we have bikes now! 

This week Jose was really sick with the flu. So we went to teach him but he was really exhausted.. so we let him be and rest. but the good news is that he came to church! but only came for the sacrament meeting. We want him to stay for the whole time but he just is really tired he says.. so if you could pray for him, that he will be able to have the faith that he needs to receive his answer and desire! that would help so much!! but our other investigator is the husband of a member, his name is Javier and we have only taught him once but he has came to church twice!! That's really exciting for us, because his family aren't baptized so if we baptize him then 2 of his kids will be baptized too!! Really cool to see the results finally come!

We had the chance to show the, "Meet the Mormons" movie in our church building on Saturday and it went good, the first showing we had about 35 to 45 people come. I love that movie! haha its so good, but im not going to lie... I want to watch it in English! haha but the funny part is that after the movie finished, we had 2 old ladies come up to us and say thanks for everything, I think it was because the last story was the missionary's and they thought that we were soldiers or something ;) I mean we are in the armor of truth and righteousness! haha but it was cool thing for them to see and know more about us!

This week I want to encourage you all to fortify your faith. search scriptures, chapters, books of the church! Have the faith that the Savior will help you carry your load when you are in need. Always show your faith in the way you act. In everything. BE A DISCIPLE!
 Well I love you all!! really do!!

Elder Horlacher
 Trevor and  his companion. He looks so BIG on this bike.
 The things this kid takes pictures of.
 This is Trevor's bike
This is the type of bike that Trevor and his friends
would launch into a lake with, now he's riding on his mission.
 They are living in one room as they are putting
tile in their house. He is sooo excited for tile.

 That's his closet in Mexico.
 Riding their bikes to church.

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