Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 87 ~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez

This week we really had a good week with working with members. We focused on inviting the members that we thought could help our investigators progress! And we saw some progress in our investigators. This week we invited Elizabeth and Miriam to fast with us to ask for help from God so they could be able to go to church.  So we started the fast Tuesday, and we ended it on Wednesday, and they were awesome. We explained how with Fasting we put our Faith in God and ask him for help by showing him that we are willing to make a sacrifice, through food.  They had headaches and stomach pains but they did it for the first time!  They knew that God would help them be able to go! and The miracle of the week is that God heard our prayer and helped them come to church, they were able to leave their work early (oxxo) to come to church!  They were enjoying the sacrament meeting and then another Challenge presented itself (they have had a ton of challenges and temptations) This challenge is that the daughter of Miriam got bit by a scorpion!! by a scorpion in the bathroom!!! what the heck! then they had to leave early because they took her to the hospital! But The good thing is that they were able to go to church, but we hope and pray that they DON'T take this "scorpion experience" as an answer that this isn't the Path of God... 

This week we also had a ward activity, a talent show, and we brought Elizabeth and Miriam, and they loved it! They saw a lot of funny things, and they realized even more that we are normal people! We as missionaries of the ward did a skit about missionary work. It was pretty sad because we planned it that day, but whatever right? The ward liked it & we made everyone laugh! And we had fun being part of the ward family. The more we involve ourselves with the ward, the more they want to help us with missionary work. 

I Love you all and I just want to wish an early Father's day to my dad and all the other dad's!! I love you all and I hope you all have the opportunity in participate in the work! Do all you can to help the missionaries and see the Spirit of God work through you! 
 I absolutely LOVE the sunsets here in Mexico

Elder Horlacher

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