Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 86~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez

This week we had the great opportunity to share the gospel with a lot of new people. We hardly found any of our investigators. Soo we went looking for people that would like to hear some young men share a message about Jesus Christ. And we found a lot of people, we found 2 families that are excited to hear our message but they don't want commitments.. so we are trying to help them progress and receive answers without giving them commitments.. People are funny!

We have finished teaching Elizabeth and Miriam all the lessons with pamphlets.. haha and they are really excited about everything, but they still aren't sure about baptism, because they know that they need to go to church before they can be baptized! They can't get to church because of their work schedules, so we are going to do a fast with them so everything will work out in their job so that they can come to church! They really like everything we are teaching them! They are awesome and really changing. This is when their Faith along with ours is put to work in Drawing on the Powers of Heaven.

The Guamuchil Ward went to the temple last Friday, and I just want you all to know the sacrifice they made to be able to go to the Temple. First they left Friday morning to start the trip to the Hermosillo, Sonora temple, which is a 10 hour bus ride, and to make it better it gets up to 120 degrees outside. On their trip it turned out that the buses AC stopped working and they went to the temple in a sauna! hahah Then they do temple work on Friday and Saturday to come back really really late Saturday night or Sunday morning!  I have learned a lot and I now know how big of a privilege it is to have a temple in my home city. I know that the temple work is something so important, and that is the reason these members make these huge sacrifices to go to the temple!! I invite you, like a lot of the general authorities did in the General Conference, to take time to go to the temple to receive the strength from god and feel his love and receive personal revelation! I know this to be true! I love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Horlacher

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