Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 91 - Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez

This week was a great week, it just flew by. We got to meet our new Mission President, Presidente Myers! He is so excited to be here, I was really amazed by his faith and hope he has for the mission. I left that meeting very inspired! He talked about how these people here in Mexico are the descendants of Lehi from the Book of Mormon, and how they have special spiritual gifts, like a lot of people here have some strange dreams or visions...I was skeptical at first but after hearing that I think its true! There's a special spirit here in Mexico!  

This week we got a reference from a less active that actually was reactivated this Sunday, but we went with the reference and His name is Charly. Charly went blind about 2 years ago, but is looking for the true church. He has searched for along time, and knows a lot about the bible and all the churches!! We started talking with him and he asks a ton of questions, and he wants all of our answers or everything to be in the Bible... so we are moving very slowly with him but the funny thing is with him, is the things he doesn't like or he disagrees about, he tells us that we have strikes or points against us... haha we have 3 points against us so far... But he Came to church!! He liked the church and brought his camera to take pictures of everything, so in the future he can remember and see how it was. He believes that he is going to get his sight back. He has so much faith, he is incredible to talk to. 

We also had the Daughter of the less active that was reactivated (Enrique) in the church. and she wants to be baptized, and she wants to be baptized on her dads birthday... August 16th. So that will be good, she likes the church and everything about it, shes 10 years old.  

ooo also we recieved our transfers this week and we are staying the same, I'm going to end my mission with Elder Sanchez! We are stoked!! also Elizabeth and Miriam couldn't go to church this Sunday but they are still really interested and reading the Book Of Mormon! We hope they can pull things together in their work and in their testimonies. Please continue to pray for them.

Love you all!! 

Elder Horlacher

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